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January 23, 2019

Re-envisioned mural design unveiled in Point Breeze

Johnson, a Point Breeze native, remembers the painting of the 1989 mural as well as some of the slain individuals that it honored.

“This mural symbolized those individuals in South Philadelphia who not only lost their lives to gun violence, senseless gun violence, but more importantly, individuals who were staples in our community,” he said. “Individuals who were family members here in our community.”

Controversy sparked in summer 2018 when the original mural was destroyed during a construction project — not an uncommon occurrence in the neighborhood.

But, during the ceremony, Johnson commemorated the building’s developer, Steven Brown of Urban Living, for collaborating with the Ralph Brooks Community Basketball League and the Make The World Better Foundation to refurbish the mural.

“As private landowners, they did not have to honor the requests of the community to put this mural back up,” Johnson said. “But the developer empathized with the community…recognizing that this mural is special in the place and the hearts of the people who live in Point Breeze. So to me, this isn’t political.”

January 19, 2019

Councilman hosts unity walks in light of South Philly homicides

“In light of two fatal shootings in South Philadelphia last week, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson hosted a pair of public safety walks throughout the 1st and 17th police districts on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

During the second walk on Wednesday, the councilman canvased from door-to-door around Snyder Avenue alongside community leaders and the Philadelphia Police Department to spread awareness and resources to South Philly neighbors in an ongoing effort to counter recent violent trends.”

January 14, 2019

South Philly man finds racial propaganda on his car windshield

City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson held a news conference at the corner of 16th and Kater streets Thursday afternoon to discuss KKK propaganda that was allegedly placed on the windshield of Graduate Hospital resident Malik Upshur’s car. According to Johnson, Upshur is the only black resident on the block. Upshur said that his car was the only car that had propaganda placed on it.

“For me, it was totally upsetting and disgusting to discover that there are hate groups in this particular beautiful neighborhood known as the Graduate Hospital area, which I have grown up in as a young man,” Johnson said. “Today, we wanted to come out here and put forth a united front to denounce this particular action.”

December 14, 2018

Council proposes extending tax break program to more homeowners

“Johnson is also a co-sponsor on this more recent bill, along with council members Mark Squilla and Maria Quiñones-Sánchez.

Both amendments to LOOP come after another significant moment in early April, when the Office of Property Assessment (OPA) released a shocking analysis of home values, saying the median home value had risen by 10.5 percent. With that increase comes a big bump in property taxes in neighborhoods across the city, something that had many residents outraged and prompted city council to call for an independent audit of OPA.

It seems that assessment in the spring did play some kind of role in the new bill; Squilla mentioned the ‘unpredictability of OPA’s assessments and the large jumps property owners have experienced in recent years,’ in his support of the LOOP amendment.

‘In Point Breeze, where the average rowhouse assessment increased 43 percent last year, you can imagine the latest LOOP amendment would open the program up to a lot of residents facing tax hardships who are just barely ineligible,’ Johnson said.”

October 11, 2018

Philadelphia moving closer to ending cash bail

“Councilman Kenyatta Johnson said the compromise worked out with the First Judicial District is a fairer  approach — and part of a larger effort to make it easier for people to be released while waiting for trial.

‘We know some people have the ability to make bail in a timely fashion, and some people don’t. We want to use more progressive ways in making sure people come to court,’ said Johnson.”


Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council is at WHYY.
Had a great time talking to the citizens of Philadelphia at the City Council Candidate Convention at WHYY. Don't Forget to Vote May 21st #kenyattajohnsonforcitycouncil #mrgetitdonekj #2nddistrict #fromhereforhere
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council is at Two Eagles Cafe.
Meet & Greet at Two Eagle Café. I had such a great time talking to the constituens of the 2nd District. #kenyattajohnsonforcitycouncil #mrgetitdonekj #2nddistrictstrong #fromhereforhere
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
So excited that I got a chance to address UNITE HERE! at thier Local Meeting. Increasing Quality of Life in my district is important to me thats why I will continue to fight for better working wages and a fair work week for everyone. #mrgetitdonekj #kenyattajohnsonforcitycouncil #kenyattajohnson2019 #2nddistrictstrong #2nddistrict
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council is attending an event at The Thirsty Soul.
Our Meet & Greet at The Thirsty Soul was such a cool swanky place to engage people in the community about my candidacy . Thank you Renee Gilinger for putting such a great event together. #kenyattajohnsonforcitycouncil #fundaysunday #mrgetitdonekj #2nddistrict
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Thanks to Holly Kinser for hosting such a great Meet & Greet at Pub & Kitchen. #kenyattajohnsonforcitycouncil
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Kenyatta Johnson for City Council
Tonight the CCRA Center City Residents Association forum was much needed so the 2nd District can see what my campaign is about and why I'm running for Re-Election. I'm for our community and will continue to fight for everyone not just a chosen few. #kenyattajohnsonforcitycouncil #mrgetitdonekj #2nddistrictstrong #fromhereforhere

My wonderful supporter Judy Romano from Friends of Fitler Square . Thanks so much for your support lets continue to make the 2nd District a great place to live for everyone. #kenyattajohnsonforcitycouncil

What a amazing Meet & Greet hosted by Judy Romano from Friends of Fitler Square and Chris Lin 8th Ward Committee Person at D' Angelos. Thanks so much for your support lets continue to make the 2nd District a great place to live for everyone. Citizensforkj photo

Endorsement night in the 2nd Ward!
Mayor: Jim Kenney
Sheriff: Rochelle Bilal
Commissioners: Jen Devor, Kahlil Williams
Council Dist 1: Mark Squilla
Council Dist 2: Kenyatta Johnson
Council At-Large: Helen Gym, Erika Almirón, Isaiah Thomas, Ethelind Baylor, Justin DiBerardinis

Great for day for canvassing lookout for those GREEN AND BLUE shirts #kenyattajohnson2019 Citizensforkj photo

Endorsement Round 1 on 3/20 - the Ward endorsed Council Candidates Helen Gym at Large,Darrell Clarke for the 5th, Kenyatta Johnson for the 2d. Stay tuned for future updates!

Expanded street cleaning officially comes to Point Breeze


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Councilman Kenyatta Johnson represents Philadelphia's Second District, covering parts of Center City, South and Southwest Philadelphia, Philadelphia International Airport, the Navy Yard, Eastwick, Grays Ferry, Hawthorne, and Point Breeze.